Motifs of the Spirit

This four-page document is a brief array of what’s to come in the final publication, The Voice and Vision of John Cardinal Dearden. These excerpts illustrate the breadth and depth of his leadership and legacy—in his own words and in the words of many of his associates. Edited by Judy M. Holmes, the sampler was distributed at the national conference of the American Catholic Council (ACC) held at Detroit’s Cobo Hall, June 10-12, 2011. The motifs reflect some major themes explored by the conference.

The coordinating committee’s decision to hold the conference in Detroit was in part because of its high regard for Cardinal Dearden, the quintessential bishop who brought the reform and renewal of Vatican II to Detroit, to the American Church and to the National Conference of Catholic Bishops. Detroit was also the site of the first Call to Action Justice Conference in 1976, which was sponsored by the American bishops and chaired by Cardinal Dearden.

For more information on the ACC, visit: I extend my gratitude to the American Catholic Council leadership team for its cooperation in spreading the word about the John Cardinal Dearden Legacy Project.

– Judy M. Holmes, Director